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Google Augmented Reality Search Results and Shopping Experience

Google is starting to show search results with augmented reality. At the Google I / O conference, it was announced that augmented reality models were added to Google search results along with Chrome 81. We have mentioned in detail in our article about Google Augmented Reality Search Results, if you missed you can read it. This technology is both similar and unlike webAR.

It means that you can experience enriched and experience reality without downloading any Augmented Reality (AR / Augmented Reality) application to your smart devices using only the camera that supports ARkit for your smart device using IOS operating system and ARcore for your smart device using Android operating system! We can easily say that a new era has begun for advertisers.

When you search for the product you want to buy from your mobile device, your smartphone, the product you want to buy will be presented in three dimensions. You can examine the product you are looking for shopping in three dimensions as if it were real.

Using a smartphone, users who list search results can see a 3D model and place it in their phones' cameras / surface finders and physical areas. New AR features will be available in search results that allow users to view and interact with 3D objects. And these features use a combination of camera, computer vision, and AR (Augmented Reality) to place information and content in the physical environment of the person.

Augmented Reality is at the center of the online shopping and retail industry. When we focus on augmented reality in retail, we can see Amazon, IKEA, Sephora, Houzz, GAP, Loreal, etc., operating on many global scale, have added AR feature to their applications one after the other. Using the Augmented Reality technology, Brands aim to offer their customers a different value proposition that they cannot provide in their current online & offline shopping experience.


Augmented Reality in E-commerce

With the new feature of Google, it will be possible to see the object in real life. It is possible to say that augmented reality models are quite remarkable especially for e-commerce. You will be able to see the product you plan to purchase in your closet or on you. In this way, the shopping experience will become both easier and more personal.

Considering that you can easily switch from a search term on Google search to an AR experience, it's remarkable and pretty cool. In your search word, you can examine your result as a 3D object on your screen or overlay it on the camera stream, allowing you to “see” the object in the real world, or rather experience it. For example; If you are looking at the shopping results, you can preview a piece of clothing with your existing wardrobe.

Using a smartphone, users who list search results can see a 3D model and place it in their phones' cameras and physical areas. For example, retailer Wayfair uses AR in his app to allow shoppers to see what furniture will look like in their home.

The furniture industry is undoubtedly one of the first and most effective areas of Augmented Reality. We have explained in detail the furniture industry and augmented reality article. Both in online shopping and in-store purchases, although the customer examines the product in detail and likes it, it can never reach the real result without trying it in its own place. I guess we all have experienced situations where we found that a seat you liked and bought in the store or on the internet, whether you fit it in your home or office, even if you have made very fine measurements.

Let's say you have met the measurements. At this time, we have experienced that your new furniture is incompatible with your existing furniture and colors and patterns, and that it does not look the way you imagined. Augmented Reality applications eliminate this problem. In all AR supported furniture applications, you can position the product you like in 3-D as if it is there in the real place you are in, you can easily try out different color and pattern options, and you can decide by comparing the physical dimensions.

According to some figures IKEA shared about IKEA Place augmented reality application, product return requests, which were more than 14% in advance, have decreased significantly thanks to the Augmented Reality-supported IKEA Place application.

Augmented Reality has started to be used intensely in a completely different area such as the cosmetics industry. Many cosmetics brands such as Sephora, Loreal, AR makeup applications and AR layers published on platforms such as Youtube / Pinterest / Snapchat / Facebook enable their customers to visually test their products with a single click without physically applying them to their faces. According to the faces of the make-up products as if they were really applied, the customers can decide and purchase very quickly and effortlessly. It is not at all difficult to say that there is a serious improvement and comfort for women users who had to try makeup products in physical stores before.

On Amazon, the largest retail and online shopping platform, it started offering thousands of products in different categories to its customers in Augmented Reality (AR) mode. Now, not only for furniture, decoration, etc., but also all kinds of electronic goods etc. that you can think of can be displayed as Augmented Reality and then leads the user to purchase.

when is it coming?

arrived already. With the update of Google Chrome version 81, ARkit and ARcore supported operating systems will be implemented in a short time on phones. We would like to point out that there are systems running ARkit, IOS 11 and above, and ARcore running Android Nougat and above. Let us also remind you that Google cooperates with organizations and companies such as NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Volvo within the scope of the project. As AR agency Nsocial, we have created products for many sectors! He searched for wild animals on Google and hosted them in the middle of their office using 3D models they designed specifically! You can follow this pleasant example showing how you can search for a keyword on Google and get the option to view it in 3D and AR! Nsocial calls this service the fastest component of Enriched Experimental Marketing! If you want to demonstrate your product using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, if you want to experience the Enriched Experimental Marketing Technologies Agency, leave an email to the high-level Augmented Reality (AR) Agency and Virtual Reality Agency (VR) Nsocial!

After the customer decides to buy the product, the Masterpass account of the user will be reached with retina authentication. The customer will be able to make the payment by choosing whatever they wish from the credit cards attached to the Masterpass wallet. Depending on the nature of the product or service, the customer can get it right away or request delivery to a specific address if he wishes.

Different biometric authentication options can be used according to the customer's request.

In short, the banking sector will now pronounce augmented reality technology more often. If you want to capture augmented reality technology for your bank, you can contact augmented reality company Nsocial.