vr timetravelling. time travelling within history in vr 360 degrees.

what is vr timetravelling?

Imagine yourself jumping into a fully immersive virtual world within 360 video. Now you can bring this reality—well, virtual reality to be specific! vr timetravelling is an ultimate interactive virtual reality time travel adventure in which brings you a trip within the history. discover your city in 200 years ago while you are currently in present time when you wear the vr headset.

Using VR glasses and haptic feedback systems, our audience is immersed in the life and activity of that time. The highlight: for the virtual city tour, the visitor takes a seat in a real replica of a historical means of transport.

We are currently creating time travel into the former living environments of cities.

We develop, organize and operate entertainment and educational offers in the field of virtual reality.

how is vr timetravelling used for destination marketing or tourism marketing? vr timetravelling for city

Image film about TimeRide Cologne: The new urban historical attraction directly at the Alter Markt in Cologne. Immerse yourself in the old Cologne during the imperial period and experience the life and hustle and bustle up close with Virtual Reality.

We recreate history in VR and rebuild places which are not existing anymore - or not even built yet.Put on your VR-Glasses and dive into an immersive experience.

Realtime location-based, history sauced, vr magic added, Experience to bring culture to the people during within the history as 360 degrees. Enable any vehicle for a timetravel experience: We bring innovation to sightseeing in your city!

A guide will accompany to travellers from tourist board office who is explaning the historical heritage of the destination and how it’s developed during within the years. This experience will be supported with VR Contents and VR Headsets. Timetravel VIP Vechile will be waiting for the Time travellers for a historical tour of a route including amazing landmarks, symbolic and historical buildings of the destination.

how vr timetravel will be monetized?

vr timetravelling will be monetized by placing an online tab to official development agency of city or tourism board of city or tourism board of country. people will click on it an make online bookings and buy tickets.

people will select their date and time according to their travel plan. after the payment is completed, people will receive online tickets via e-mail.

You will have something that other cities do not (yet) have: Recently you can experience the destinations in 1800’s on a virtual bus tour back in time. The innovative time travel will one of the first mobile VR city tour in the world. With the help of virtual reality glasses, city visitors leave the year 2020 and experience the destination’s 1800’s on a historic carriage ride: Visitors will totally enthusiastic about the tour and the authenticity of what they have experienced. And they are fascinated by the technical possibilities. This unique tourism solution offers endless possibilities in terms of VR sightseeing. “ With this solution, you could visit destinations in 200 years ago and then get out and touch today’s walls. You could also rebuild the historical places, witness the construction virtually.“. TimeTravel VR shows what is already possible today and what will continue to develop in the future.We will also talk about the reason why your destinations touristic marketing & promotion will be the heart of digital transofrmation decided to integrate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into its Smart City concept.

TimeTravel project shows what is already possible today and what will continue to develop in the future with Tourism & Destination Marketing. At the airports and city center locations, you will have the opportunity to experience a stationary version of VR driving. Daily from 11 to 16.30 half an hour.

technology of vr timeravel

We use the latest virtual reality hardware, rendering and AI-based technologies to create the best timetravel experiences – for tourists and citizens!

• Concept, story, technical specifications included

• Patented tracking system of hardware & software for vehicles

• Full immersion and live synchronization

• Upgrade your existing sightseeing rides or invent a new one with us!

• virtual reality vr

360 video production

• 3d modelling for historical modelling for 200 years ago.

• Mesh

• Textures

3d animation

• gamification

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